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Business Bank Accounts

As a director of a limited company, it is essential to separate your business from your personal affairs and this means you MUST open a business bank account in the name of your limited company to receive and make payments to and from your company.

In many cases, the simplest way to open a business account is to approach your own bank – they know you and this can help speed up the process. You will probably need to set up a meeting with your bank and provide them with your company’s Certificate of Incorporation for them to open the account.

In certain circumstances it may not be possible for you to open a business account with your own bank or you may not want to:

  • You don’t have a UK account
  • Your bank doesn’t offer business accounts
  • Your bank charges too much for business accounts

cater allen

Cater Allen

It is for these reasons that we have partnered with Cater Allen Private Bank (part of Santander) to provide business accounts for our clients.

We have a master account arrangement with Cater Allen which allows us to provide you with a pre allocated account number once your company has been incorporated. We will complete the application on your behalf and you will be sent the account details, cheque book etc in the post.

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