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Corporation Tax Rates: comparing UK against the other G7 members

Global economy

With the world now being considered a global economy, we are often tempted to compare ourselves to other nations and take a cursory glance at least, at how they run their tax systems and execute their political agendas. Not only does this give us ideas, but can make us feel smug and envious in equal measure. Historically we felt closer to our European neighbours, not only culturally but financially.

Budget announcement March 2017

Philip Hammond stated to the House of Commons in his first Budget speech that the £5,000 Dividend tax allowance, introduced only a year ago was "very generous". True, it is more generous than the new allowance of £2,000, set to be introduced from 6th April 2018. Shareholders and Company Directors can rest easy then that the new dividend threshold, which Limited Company Accountants and Personal Tax Advisers have only just begun to get used to, will last another year!

How to close down a limited company

As contractor accountants, we would much rather see contractors setting up limited companies to provide their services in the most professional and tax efficient manner.

Transport for London effectively bans ltd company contractors

Changes to IR35 legislation being introduced in April have led at least one public sector employer to force Limited Company contractors to go PAYE, Umbrella or face being jobless.

The One Click Group are now Associate Members of the FCSA

With compliance increasingly in the spotlight in the contractor umbrella, accountancy and payroll industry, we feel it is more and more important to be seen as committed to raising standards.

This is something we share with the Freelancer and Contractor Services Industry (FCSA) and we are now proud to have been accepted as Associate Members.