Every incorporation request is dependent upon Companies House accepting the information provided and in particular your choice of name. If any details are unacceptable to Companies House we will contact you to agree changes.

In submitting this form you are accepting our standard Terms of Engagement. Those terms mean you are personally responsible for the payment of our fees. Fees are payable immediately using PayPal where you can pay via credit card or your PayPal account.

If you do not complete the payment process when submitting these details your incorporation will be pending receipt of funds and held by us for 7 days.

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Company Detail

If your preferred name is unavailable or unacceptable we will automatically use any alternative name given below:

A company requires a public address called the Registered Office (RO). You may use your home address, another address provided by you or you can use our office address.

Legal documents are normally sent to the Registered Office.

So most clients use our address. We don't charge for using our address

Company bank account

Every company must have a bank account. Cater Allen Private Bank is commonly adopted by contractors for their company bank account. One Click Accountant are appointed agents for Cater Allen. This enables us to assist with opening an account for your company.

If you select Cater Allen we will send you an application form. An initial deposit of £100 is required to open the account.

If you decide to use Cater Allen we will send you a partly completed application form once the company is incorporated.

VAT Registration

Most contractors arrange for their new company to be VAT Registered. Please confirm whether or not you wish this company to be VAT Registered.

HMRC Registration

The company must register with HMRC for Corporation Tax and PAYE purposes. Both will be completed automatically by us following incorporation. No further action will be required from you.

Every company must have at least one director and one shareholder, who may be the same person.

Please complete details for the first director and shareholder below. You may add a second director or shareholder if you tick the box below

First Director & Shareholder

Contact details

Companies House will make public your residential address unless you provide an alternative service address. This can be another address of your choice or you can use our office address.

Most clients select our office address.

Other personal information

Proof of identity

In order to complete the incorporation we are required to obtain proof that you are who you say you are.

Please attach a clean, colour scanned copy of your passport, driving licence or similar photographic identity card. If the attachment does not include proof of the address given above then please also attach a recent (less than 3 months old) utility bill or letter from the local authority or HMRC.


Additional notes

Please add any further information that may assist with the incorporation of the company below

Confirmation of terms

This request is subject to our standard Terms of Engagement that relate to incorporations. A full copy of the terms for incorporation can be found here. You must accept those terms below, enter you name and complete the payment process.

The incorporation service normally costs £90 plus VAT (£108.00).

If you agree to pay your first months accountancy service (£95 plus VAT - £114.00) now your incorporation is provided free of charge, a saving of £108.00 on the normal combined price.

You may recover your cost from the company as business expenses later.

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