Switching to Limited Company Accountancy

Many contractors use umbrella companies as they offer convenience and a hassle free way of getting paid. Often, they continue to use an umbrella company for the whole of their contracting career as the ease of working is the most important thing to them. There’s nothing wrong with this and we will of course do everything we can to maximise their income whilst they use One Click Umbrella.

There may come a time though, where a contractor feels that they may be able to earn more or market themselves more professionally if they are operating via their own Limited Company and decide to make the move and “go limited”.

Using a limited company can allow a contractor to take advantage of certain tax allowances and pay themselves in a more tax efficient manner, in exchange for a small amount of additional administration – typically around 30 minutes paperwork a month.

The One Click Group can help you make the switch from One Click Umbrella (or another umbrella company for that matter) as smooth and as hassle free as it can be.

We will set your new company up within 24 hours, register your company with the relevant authorities and help you with opening hour business bank account with no additional charges, all part of our monthly accountancy service.