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Smart Pay with CIS Umbrella

In the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), contractors are obliged to deduct money from subcontractors’ payments for HMRC. This is similar to PAYE, where deductions are like advance payments towards a subcontractor’s tax and national insurance. One Click Umbrella can help you focus on running your business with less red tape.

CIS Compliance with Less Bureaucracy

Under CIS, monthly returns for payments are required by HMRC. Like any tax system, there are penalties for late returns, ranging from a £100 to £3,000. It’s important to keep track of your CIS returns rather than getting an unwanted surprise later in the year.

When using CIS Umbrella, contractors can relax with help and advice from our personable staff. That leaves you with more time to focus on higher-earning activities.

All the Tools You Need to Do Business

Using an umbrella service takes the hassle out of admin work with clear upfront fees. You can access our online portal anytime, anywhere, to control and view your expenses. When dealing with a client, it helps to keep CIS returns and payments clear and simple. With a One Click Umbrella, you get a service that manages invoices and contracts between parties.

Key Benefits of Using CIS Umbrella

Whether you’re a contractor or sub-contractor, some of the benefits of using a CIS umbrella include:

  • Claim back business expenses
  • CIS registered contractors pay less NI contributions and reduced tax
  • Fast and easy registration with One Click Umbrella
  • Online portal for better understanding and clarity
  • Free optional text message service for payment updates
  • Public liability and personal accident insurance for a small fee
  • Advice on your tax remittance
  • 100% compliance with HMRC legislation and no hidden fees
  • CIS obligations made easy

Expert Accountancy and Payroll Solutions

One Click Group works with many of the UK’s largest and most respected recruitment agencies. If you’re a freelancer or contractor and need further clarification about the Construction Industry Scheme or wish to find out more about our accountancy and CIS Umbrella services, contact One Click Group today.

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An episode of the Channel 4 documentary series “Dispatches” broadcast on Monday 19th January 2015 featured what was described as an investigation into umbrella companies. Unfortunately, the documentary did not show how the vast majority of compliant umbrella companies work for the benefit of many thousands of highly skilled workers across the UK – instead it showed how some companies can take advantage of complicated mechanisms to avoid certain parts of employment law and minimum wage legislation.

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