Why choose an Umbrella company?

Recruitment agencies are the lifeblood of our business and we do everything we can to add value to the relationship between the One Click Group and the agencies that support us.

We work closely with the Institute of Recruiters and our Operations Director is an IOR Advisory Board member – we feel that this means we have a better understanding of the demands placed on recruitment agencies when paying contract workers.

We are fully compliant with all current legislation meaning agencies can rest assured that when they refer their candidates to us, they are doing so in the knowledge that all potential liabilities are covered and they can get on with what they do best – making placements.

We ensure that all Agency Workers' Regulations (AWR) and reporting requirements are adhered to.

We make it easy for you

  • Direct Line With Account Managers for Recruitment Agencies

    Direct Line With Account Managers

    All agencies have a single point of contact with a dedicated field-based Business Development Manager and Account Management contact.
  • Free training for our recruiterment agency partners

    Free training for our agency partners

    We offer a range of free training for our agency partners with topics ranging from legislation (such as IR35 and AWR) to recruiting skills and using social media.
  • Quick candidate registration

    Quick candidate registration

    We can get your candidates fully registered in a matter of minutes, fully insured and ready to go on site (even over the weekend or out of hours).
  • Strong relationship with contractors to help you to find new work opportunities

    Strong relationship with contractors

    Our service makes for happy contractors, and happy contractors are more likely to come back to you when looking for their next contract.
  • We are always fully compliant, Umbrella Accountant and LTD accountancy

    We are always fully compliant

    We are fully compliant with all current legislation so you can refer to us safe in the knowledge that any potential liabilities are mitigated.  
  • Reliable & Always on time to support with your tax returns

    Reliable and Always on time

      We chase our contractors for their timesheets if they are late – saving time and admin for agencies, so you can focus on placing candidates.
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How we can help recruitment agencies?

  • Reduce the admin burden of operating in-house payroll
  • Late timesheets are chased by us, saving you time
  • Help agencies ensure they are operating in compliance with AWR
  • We answer pay questions, again saving you time
  • Keep your candidates happy by making sure they are paid on time every time
  • We handle all payments of tax and NI so you know there are no potential liabilities
  • We can provide free training to our agency partners
  • We can set up commercial arrangement to suit both parties


How we can help your candidates?


  • We provide them with full employment rights
  • We help them maximise their income
  • We ensure compliance with AWR and reporting requirements
  • We make sure your candidates are paid on time every time 
  • We can help candidates with mortgage references
  • We free up your candidates’ time to make sure they are working and not doing paperwork
  • We give them access to Independent Financial Advice
  • We provide candidates with a full insurance package

Umbrella Services

We are a UK-based, fully compliant umbrella company and we work with some of the UK’s largest recruitment agencies. We understand how agencies work and we do everything we can to add value to our relationship with our clients.

If you have any questions and would like more information, contact us today to speak to a member of our team.